Thursday, March 10th

Move Minneapolis hosts: 2016 Transportation Summit

This year in transportation infrastructure, programs, and services that benefit downtown Minneapolis.

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Downtown Minneapolis serves as a hub for bus, light rail and commuter rail transportation. Transit is a fast, reliable and affordable transportation mode that reduces highway congestion and air pollution. Move Minneapolis helps commuters, downtown businesses, residents and visitors navigate the best transit options. Along with selling Go-To passes, Move Minneapolis provides bus schedules and trip planning. For businesses we offer the Metropass program to encourage employee transit use.


Switching your trip to carpooling saves you money, reduces commuting stress, and helps the environment. Join or create a carpool for your downtown Minneapolis commute and enjoy great benefits!

Move Minneapolis registers carpools and provides information on; the use of express carpool lanes, participating ramps with discount parking and tools for finding carpool partners.

Commute Planning

Move Minneapolis offers services and products to make commuting into downtown Minneapolis more efficient and enjoyable. We’re here to help guide commuters, downtown businesses and residents find the transportation options and services that make the most sense.


Bicycle commuting is a healthy way to bypass the gridlock of rush-hour traffic, save on gas, and parking is a breeze with no harm to the environment while pedaling to work. Move Minneapolis can help you plan your bicycle commute.


Move Minneapolis offers options to encourage employee participation in commuting programs. Mid-sized employers can enroll employees in a discounted MetroPass pre-tax transit pass or carpool program. For bicycle commuters, ZAP Twin Cities is a biking rewards program that provides participating employers access to real-time metrics on employee rides. Bicycle education courses are offered and taught by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists.

For new businesses coming into the city, Move Minneapolis provides a relocation assistance program to educate employee commuting needs. We are happy to staff a table at employer enrollment benefit fairs, wellness fairs, environmental fairs, or other events to promote and grow your transportation programs.

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